Year 7


Digital  Non Digital
  • Everyday, read somewhere different for example; on a chair, in your bed, on the floor, on a couch, outside under a tree, while walking around your room, upside down.
  • Have someone read to you: Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty, Uncle. Getting read to is incredibly important to better understand reading.
  • Read to someone else yourself; brothers, sisters, parents, caregivers, pets, teddy bears.
  • Remember reading isn’t just books. It’s also Newspapers, recipes, articles, comics, texts, emails.
  • At least once a week make a response to something you’re reading: write a summary, book report, character profile, picture, poster, redesign the front cover, alternative ending, word maps for new words, new vocabulary lists
  • Pick your favourite book, write a play for it. Make costumes or props if you need.


Digital  Non Digital
  • Write a letter on how to advocate for positive change in the world
  • Write a structured piece describing someone your child knows. For example: Mum, Nana, Brother, Friend.. 
  • Produce a piece of writing in response to a “magic word” and encourage them to write creatively and freely in response to this
  • Use their knowledge of alphabetical order to list a range of words 
  • Use an online dictionary or paper dictionary to find new vocabulary and use each word in a sentence 
  • Encourage your child to write in a journal each day, discussing what they could possibly write about or include in their entry 
  • Writing a song or rap could be something fun for them to do using songs they are familiar with 
  • Write a response to a film/documentary explaining the plot, characters or new learning


Digital  Non Digital
  • Categorise and sort different household objects
  • Cook or bake, following a recipe for family members
  • Play games with cards, adding and subtracting numbers as they go 
  • Measure objects around the house using things such as their hands, steps etc 
  • Add together the ages of your family members. Find the mean, median, mode and range for these. 
  • Write and solve your own algorithm problems
  • Draw and design you dream home, and create a floor plan of the property
  • Read nutritional labels and calculate calorie intake for a day

Real Life Learning & Other

  • Have them research things they’re interested in A place they’d like to visit, a career they might like, a hobby they’d like to learn
  • Encourage them to use canva to create posters and brochures about something they are interested in
  • Plan for catering a birthday party
  • They can set themselves a budget and buy items that are relevant.
  • Learn to Type
  • Bake or cook different recipes for family members 
  • Create their own daily routine to follow over the next few weeks 
  • Create a fitness routine
  • 30 day pushup challenge
  • Practise dance for cultural group
  • Build a table