Opportunities and Experiences

We aim to offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences for our students.

Club Description Description
Awa Performance Group Awa performance group will give the Awa students a chance to learn a range of action songs. We will incorporate action songs from around the Pacific, which will teach us new words in a range of languages.  The children will then get the opportunity to perform at Awa Assembly.
Glen’s Garden Students will experience our school garden, be involved in the planting and maintenance of the garden as well as completing twice termly trips to Kelmarna Gardens.
Drumming club Students will be learning basic drumming beats and get the chance to practise on the acoustic and electric drum kits. There will be a separate group for Awa and Moana. 
Glen’s Cafe Children will be running the school cafe and learning how to make barista made coffee (for staff + visitors), hot chocolates, smoothies, and toasted sandwiches for students. Students also work through managing a cafe and learning accounting skills, helping them to gain real life skills. 
School Band Students will be a part of our Glenavon Band, practicing and performing songs for our Singing Assembly’s and events around the school.
Student Leadership team Prefects and student council participate in leadership professional development and meet regularly to discuss and implement the Glenavon Mindset.
Year 8 Challenge Year 8 Students take part in leadership and team building activities.
Beginner Piano
Terms 1 -4
Year 3-8
Students who have some interest in piano, or some basic musical knowledge can come and practice scales, chords, and learn level 1 and 2 piano pieces. These lessons are in groups and are run in short play once a week.
Introduction to Piano
Term 4
Year 1-2
Younger children interested in learning the piano, can come and learn the skills required for basic theory and practical application. We will learn John Thompson introductory piano pieces. These lessons will be in a short play once a week.
Terms 1-4
Year 4-8
Students learn a variety of major and minor chords. They learn the Kiwilele repertoire and prepare for a performance with a number of other schools at the end of the year. These Ukulele sessions are run at lunchtime Lots of fun!
Singing Club
Year 1-3
Term 4
This is a new club for our younger students. They have the chance to join a small group and learn contemporary songs, melodies and harmonies. Children will prepare a range of songs and have the chance to perform them.
Year 3-8
Terms 1-4
Students learn and perform a range of contemporary pieces. They learn breathing and vocal exercises to help them sing with confidence. Students prepare for large choir performances with other schools, and have the chance to sing in the community and at school assemblies.