ERO Report

The Education Review Office reviews most schools every three years.

For exceptional schools they review the school every four to five years.


Glenavon School was reviewed in May 2016 and received a four to five year return time.

Our school was identified by ERO as “a high performing school”


Below are a few quotes from the report. The full report is here.

“This report identifies Glenavon School as a high performing school.”

“The new principal, along with senior leaders, has made significant progress across the school over the past two years.”

“…high levels of engagement in class programmes and school-wide initiatives.”

“The school’s achievement information shows consistent gains in student achievement levels over the past three years.”

“…provide equitable opportunities for children to participate in high quality learning experiences.”

“Children enjoy a sense of belonging and connection to school”

Here is a link to the full report.