Year 1


Digital  Non Digital Jolly Phonics videos – sing the song and then think of different words that start with that sound.

Reading at home

  • Read books together as a family – Ask questions about what you are reading, make predictions, discuss characters and ask why they behave the way they do.
  • Retell favourite stories changing the character and where it takes place. 
  • Act out a favourite story 
  • Make puppets of the characters 



  • I spy… I spy something that starts with a
  • Clap a pattern… I clap a pattern then you copy
  • Snap 



  • invent clapping games with different rhythms
  • find a bottle (plastic, glass) and try and create different tones blowing into them
  • sing a song together
  • collect sticks and create drum beats on hard surfaces (upside down bins, outdoor seats, old boxes)
  • turn on the radio and invent movements to go with different songs
  • kitchen band – make instruments and music with pots and pans.


Digital  Non Digital
Journal Writing

  • keep a gratitude list
  • write instructions for something
  • write an alternate ending to favourite story or movie
  • write a story
  • keep a book of facts
  • Help write a shopping list

Practice writing your name starting with a capital letter and the rest  lowercase: 

  • With a pencil
  • In sand with your finger
  • In shaving cream with your finger
  • With a paintbrush 
  • Using Playdough


Digital  Non Digital
E-Ako Instructions
  • Create a tally chart with things like cars going past
  • Go for a walk and read numbers on letterboxes
  • Add sets of objects together. (I have 2 apples and you have 4 bananas. How many all together?)
  • Play board games and card games (snap, go fish)
  • Baking – measuring and counting
  • Get children collecting twigs. Once they have plenty, their challenge is to make the numerals 1-9.
  • Can they make number 2 with 2 twigs? What about number 3 with 3 twigs, and so on?

Real Life Learning & Other

Build physical literacy 

  • Do yoga, play catch, play Frisbee, kick a soccer ball or shoot hoops
  • Go outside, walk, run, bike, most outdoor activities keep you at least 10m away from other people


Spend time with your kids

  • Talk to them  and ask them about their hopes, dreams and fears.
  • sing songs together – grab an instrument, or write a rap about all the things you can see around the room! See who can rhyme the most words!
  • play i-spy with words and colours


Set out a challenge for your children 

  • build a tower, boat, bridge, hut out of random materials around the house


Play games 

  • board games, snakes and ladders, cards, bingo, connect four or charades



Make playdough 

1 cup of salt

3 TBS cream of tartar

4 TBS oil

Food colouring

2 Cups of boiling water

Mix together then add 2 cups of flour


Playdough is great for imagination, strengthens fingers for writing. Make 2 colours that will mix to make a new colour. Roll out letters and numbers. Make balls and create 2 sets and add together. Who can make the longest snake? 

Make different facial expressions.


Follow a recipe/instructions

Create a time capsule 

  • Write a letter to themselves – Including their age, friends, favourite tv show, song, book.Tell their future selves how they are feeling.
  • Cut out an article from a newspaper that they think would be important for their future selves.
  • Draw a picture of their family as it is now
  • Take some pictures of today, print them out and include them in the box
  • Put it all together in a scrapbook or a lunch box and bury it in your garden 

Build fine motor skills 

  • Drawing
  • Colouring
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Sewing
  • Weaving

Help out with household chores

  • making your own bed
  • helping with the dishes
  • helping prep dinner
  • vacuuming 
  • unload the dishwasher and learn where everything goes away