Glenavon Preschool

At Glenavon we believe that your child has the potential to become a young achiever.

Our Goal is to empower and educate Glenavon pupils to become young achievers.

Our Early Childhood Programme provides opportunities to:

  • Celebrate the achievements of our children.
  •  Encourage each child to go beyond their best.
  • Inspire a love of learning that leads to lifetime learning.
  • Involve our parents so they can be a part of their child’s early    learning.
  • Ensure they are off to a great start when they begin school.

Our programme is based on Te Whaariki (NZ Early Childhood Curriculum). We support children’s interests and strengths and help them to develop competencies for school. We endeavour to meet with you to discuss your child’s learning and progress and to develop shared goals for your child.


Heroes mentoring Programme

Many of Glenavon’s past students are now successful doctors, sportspeople, lawyers, professors, musicians and artists. Our ‘Heroes’ of Glenavon’ is a role model mentoring programme that inspires our current pupils and shows them that anything is possible when you are educated at Glenavon. As well as our adult heroes, we also have heroes from the primary school, who were ex-pupils of Glenavon Early Childhood Centre.

The children at Glenavon are encouraged to choose a Hero. This could be a member of their whanau/family or someone they know and would aspire to be like. We encourage our families to bring their Heroes to Glenavon as special guests to participate in our events or be a part of our special activities. We also invite prefects from Glenavon School, who continue to motivate and mentor our young learners  in realistic and inspirational ways.